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Grace and Truth Conference

Florida Bible College - Grace and Truth Conference

James Rankin, Th.B., MA.

James is an alumnus of Florida Bible College and is a retired USMC Master Sergeant (20 years). He currently is the lead high school teacher at Texas Christian Schools in Houston (18 years) who has taught physics, biology, and creation science. He has worked on archaeological digs in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Montana, and Kansas. He is married and has two adult children. James is an invited speaker on topics of apologetics and creation science.

Issues from the World of Science and Answers from the Bible and Science

Our Grace and Truth Conference is dedicated to Grace to Encourage and Truth to Instruct! We will host our Grace and Truth Conference each year with new themes, but always the same emphasis&encouragement and instruction. Our theme this year is to provide theological depth, scientific support, and personal enrichment to all in attendance. Our desire is to challenge and equip believers with the truths of Gods Word as it relates to science and their application to many facets of daily life in standing strong for the Lord in the world. You are invited to join us for our Grace and Truth Conference!

Our guest speakers:

  • Stan Ponz, DMin. President of Florida Bible College
  • James Rankin, Th.B., MA (Florida Bible College alumnus)

February 3

8:30 am – 3:30 pm


  • Does the Bible support evolution?
  • Does the Bible have science mention in it?
  • Can we truly know how old is the Earth is?
  • Was the flood local or global?
  • Did man and dinosaurs walk the earth at the same time?
  • What do fossils tell us about the past?
  • How do I defend my faith with science?
  • What evidence do the evolutionists have to support evolution?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • What do all the major scientific fields of studies say about our origins?
  • Can science prove God exists?
  • Do fossils prove millions of years?
  • Does star light prove millions of years?
  • How many ice ages were there?

There will be displays of fossils and artifacts for everyone to see.  Everyone is welcome.  This conference is especially beneficial for homeschoolers, science teachers, youth leaders, and anyone who wants to know how science and the Bible can relate. There is no charge for the conference, however it is recommended you register in order to receive materials.  You may do so at www.FloridaBibleCollege.com or by calling 407-412-9322.

February 4

10:30 am

James Rankin will also be speaking in the morning worship service at Circle Community Church at 10:30am.

Courses Being Offered for Spring 2019 Semester

Course Number Available Course Name Course Description Course Hours
BIB 205 On Campus
On Line Real Time
1 and 2 Corinthians
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This course examines the structure, purpose, biblical theology, and application of 1 and 2 Corinthians, exploring the themes of unity and holiness as well as freedom and responsibility. (Required for Graduation)

BIB 204b On Line Real Time
1, 2 & 3 John
Take this course

This intensive (1) hour credit course examines the structure, purpose, biblical theology, and application of John’s epistles.

Those taking the course will later need to take a (2) hour course on John’s gospel (204a) for Associates and Bachelor’s Degree.

BIB 101 On Line
Bible Study Methods
Take this course

This course introduces a systematic approach to interpreting the Bible, in which students observe, interpret, apply, and correlate Scripture within the framework of Christian theology and history. (Required for Graduation)

THE 104 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Christian Worldview and Apologetics
Take this course

This course analyzes how a Christian perspective influences the way Christians think about issues such as creation, evolution, evil, morality, other religions, and social justice. This course also examines the plausibility of the Christian faith, highlighting the reliability of the Scriptures and the historicity of Jesus and his resurrection. (Required for Graduation)

MIN 101 On Line
Evangelism and Discipleship
Take this course

This course examines the message and methods by which a person is led to Jesus Christ. It also examines what a disciple is and how a disciple is made. The course presents the motivation and command for making disciples, defines the gospel message, and emphasizes the necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in evangelism and discipleship. (Required for Graduation)

MIN 103 On Line
Introduction to Christian Ministry
Take this course

This course introduces the various vocational and avocational ministry opportunities within churches and parachurch organizations. Students will gain first-hand experience in a ministry of their choice. (Required for Graduation)

TEC 101 On Line Real Time
Introduction to Digital Technology
Take this course

This course surveys the field of technology and its integration in Christian ministry. The course covers both technical and practical topics, from the history and operation of computers and the Internet to community building and assessment.

MIN 105 On Line Real Time
Marriage and Family in Ministry
Take this course

This course introduces the student to considerations in the study of Marriage and Family systems. It also provides Biblical and practical guidelines for the Christian worker who tries to balance home and church ministry with the challenges that often confront the Christian worker. (Required for Graduation)

BIB 104 On Campus
On Line Real Time
New Testament Survey
Take this course

This course surveys the New Testament in light of its cultural, historical, and literary situation. The course presents intertestamental period and the life and teaching of Jesus and the first-century church. Students become familiar with the message of each New Testament book and learn to apply New Testament teaching appropriately. (Required for Graduation)

BIB 103 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Old Testament Survey
Take this course

This course surveys the Old Testament in light of its cultural, historical, and literary situation and traces the themes of creation, fall, and redemption. Students become familiar with the message of each Old Testament book and learn to apply Old Testament teaching appropriately. (Required for Graduation)

THE 102 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Survey of Christian Doctrine II
Take this course

This course surveys the biblical doctrines of salvation, the church, and the last things. Within a Protestant, evangelical framework, the course emphasizes what has been believed by historical Christianity. (Required for Graduation)

THE 402 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Systematic Theology II
Take this course

This course reviews and builds on Survey of Christian Doctrine to examine in depth orthodox Christian teaching on soteriology, sanctification, ecclesiology, and eschatology. Students analyze the interconnectedness of the doctrines, examine how belief affects practice, and develop a worldview based on sound doctrine. (Required for Graduation)


Speaking Schedule for Dr. Stan Ponz - President

If you would like to have Stan speak at your church or event please email us at TellMeMore@FloridaBibleCollege.com
Florida Bible College - Dr. Stan Ponz
No Speaking Events are scheduled at this time for Dr. Stan Ponz

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