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Grace and Truth Conference

Florida Bible College - Grace and Truth Conference
Florida Bible College - Grace and Truth Conference

Conference Speaker  Dr. Karl Elkins, LPC, ThM, MA

Karl Elkins has 31 years of biblical counseling experience. He is Professor of Biblical Counseling at Florida Bible College. He was an Instructor at College of Biblical Studies and taught marriage and family courses. Karl is the Founder and President of Christway Counseling Center, P.C., specializing in marriage and family counseling. He was the Director of a Minirth-Meier New Life Clinic in Houston, Texas. Karl has a Master’s degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Master’s degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, a PhD in Psychology and Christian Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University. He has completed internships and special studies with Dr. Josh McDowell, Dr. Norman Geisler, Dr. Larry Crabb, and Dr. David Ferguson.  Karl is an ordained and licensed minister and is married to Terry Elkins and has two grown children.

Building Healthy Relationships

Our Grace and Truth Conference is dedicated to demonstrate Grace to Encourage and Truth to Instruct!  We will host our Grace and Truth conference each year with new themes, but always the same emphasis…encouragement and instruction.  During the fall, we hosted a Spiritual Emphasis Conference in keeping with the first part of the Great Commandment to…Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Our first Grace and Truth Conference will build on the second part of the Great Commandment to…Love others as our self.  To do this we want to learn how to biblically build healthy relationships with the Lord and others.  You are invited to join us for our Grace and Truth Conference!

“Building A Healthy Relationship with Others”

March 1 and 2, 7pm - Register for this Session

  • Character Qualities of Jesus Christ That Benefit Relationships
  • Learn the Essentials of Good Communication
  • 6 Prerequisites for Every Healthy Single Adult Relationship
  • 12 Needs of Genuine Connection
  • 4 Ingredients of Successful Relationships
  • Why Relationships Succeed or Fail
  • Top 25 Essential Skills to Help Every Single Adult Relationship

"College for a Day"

March 3, 8:30am – 4:00pm - Register for this Event

Come spend a day at Florida Bible College on Friday March 3, 2017. Experiance the life of a student for a day.  You will attend classes and chapel. Get the information you need to attend Florida Bible College.

  • 8:30 - 8:00 am - Registration
  • 9:00 - 10:00 am - Welcome/Chapel
  • 10:00 - 10:15 am - Break
  • 10:15 - 11:00 am - Classes
  • 11:10 - 12:00 noon - Admmissions/Financial Aid/Q&A
  • 12:00 - 12:45 - Lunch
  • 1:00 - 4:00 - Social Events

“Building A Healthy Relationship in Marriage and Family”

March 3, 6:30pm – 9:30pm and March 4, 8:30am – 4pm - Register for this Session

$45 per person or $80 a couple, includes light breakfast, lunch, seminar, and materials.  Child care not provided. Please pre-register at www.FloridaBibleCollege.com. You will learn these and so much more:

  • Why There Is a Biblical Longing for Relationships
  • The Top Commonly Identified Needs
  • 14 Aspects of Effective Communication
  • How to Relationally Hurt or Heal Your Mate and Children
  • Avoid the #1 Reason Most Relationships Fail
  • Recover from Failed Relationships
  • One Concept that Stops Anger and Arguing

“Building A Healthy Relationship with God”

Sunday, March 5, 10:30am - Register for this Session

  • What Does It Mean to Have a Healthy Relationship with God?
  • Can You Ever Be Disowned by God?
  • Are There Biblical Steps in Developing and Maintaining Intimacy with God?

“First Aid for Healing Broken Relationships”

March 6, 8:30am – 12pm - Register for this Session

While anyone is welcome, this seminar is specifically designed for pastors, counselors, care-givers, and Christian leaders.  There is no charge but you must register to receive materials.  Call 407-412-9322.

  • What Are the Marks of An Unhealthy Relationship?
  • How to Defuse “Negative Energy” in a Crisis
  • What Do You Do to Render Spiritual First Aid to A Broken Relationship?
  • Is There a Difference Between Christian Counseling and Biblical Counseling?

Courses Being Offered for Spring 2018 Semester

Course Number Available Course Name Course Description Course Hours
THE 104 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Christian Worldview and Apologetics
Take this course

This course analyzes how a Christian perspective influences the way Christians think about issues such as creation, evolution, evil, morality, other religions, and social justice. This course also examines the plausibility of the Christian faith, highlighting the reliability of the Scriptures and the historicity of Jesus and his resurrection. (Required for Graduation)

MIN 101 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Evangelism and Discipleship
Take this course

This course examines the message and methods by which a person is led to Jesus Christ. It also examines what a disciple is and how a disciple is made. The course presents the motivation and command for making disciples, defines the gospel message, and emphasizes the necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in evangelism and discipleship. (Required for Graduation)

BIB 203 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Romans and Galatians
Take this course

This course examines the structure, purpose, biblical theology, and application of Romans and Galatians, emphasizing key themes such as the sinfulness of humanity, justification, sanctification, the gospel, Christian liberty, and the responsibilities of the believer. (Required for Graduation)

BIB 101 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Bible Study Methods
Take this course

This course introduces a systematic approach to interpreting the Bible, in which students observe, interpret, apply, and correlate Scripture within the framework of Christian theology and history. (Required for Graduation)

GRK 101 On Line Real Time
Greek I
Take this course

This course introduces the pronunciation, vocabulary, morphology, and grammar of biblical Greek. Students will learn to use reference tools and will translate selected portions of the New Testament and Septuagint.

THE 102 On Campus
On Line Real Time
Survey of Christian Doctrine II
Take this course

This course surveys the biblical doctrines of salvation, the church, and the last things. Within a Protestant, evangelical framework, the course emphasizes what has been believed by historical Christianity. (Required for Graduation)

BIB 104 On Campus
On Line Real Time
New Testament Survey
Take this course

This course surveys the New Testament in light of its cultural, historical, and literary situation. The course presents intertestamental period and the life and teaching of Jesus and the first-century church. Students become familiar with the message of each New Testament book and learn to apply New Testament teaching appropriately. (Required for Graduation)


Speaking Schedule for Dr. Stan Ponz - President

If you would like to have Stan speak at your church or event please email us at [email protected]FloridaBibleCollege.com
Florida Bible College - Dr. Stan Ponz

Altamonte Christian School - Chapel Service

Thursday, February 01 at 9:15 AM

Altamonte Christian School
601 Palm Springs Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
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Sacandaga Bible Conference Mens Retreat

Friday, April 06 - Saturday, April 07

Sacandaga Bible Conference

Broadalbin, NY

Sunday School and Morning Worship

Sunday, April 08

Christian Church of Rural Grove
170 Rural Grove Rd.
Sprakers, NY 12166
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