Florida Bible College-Dare 2 Share Live @ Florida Bible College#FloridaBibleCollege#WeAreFBC
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Dare 2 Share Live @ Florida Bible College

Florida Bible College - Dare 2 Share Live @ Florida Bible College

When your teens are captured by THE Cause of Christ, they are unstoppable 

This one day outreach event is an incredible way for you and your students to reach people in your communities and schools by praying, serving, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simulcast live from Denver, CO to locations across the United States; this is your chance to make a difference and share the love of Jesus with people right in your community! 

For more than 25 years Dare 2 Share has been inspiring and training teens to reach out to their friends in relational, peer-to-peer evangelism. The next phase in Dare 2 Share's mission to energize the Church to mobilize youth, Dare 2 Share Live is a call to the youth of America to step out and share the good news of Jesus. This one day will ignite a movement within youth ministry and within the church at large. 

One Day - On Saturday, October 13, 2018, Dare 2 Share Live will be the rally point for a movement where thousands of teenagers and adult leaders will be released at the EXACT SAME TIME into their communities to serve and share. 

One Message - When students are captured by Jesus and His mission, their heartbeat changes and so does the trajectory of their lives and the lives of those they reach with the gospel. This message is where true change and impact is going to start, not only for this generation but for our communities and this country. 

One Hope - Paired with the power of the gospel, teenagers will show the world the hope of Christ. This is the true hope, not only for this generation but for our communities and this country.